PREGNANCY CALCULATION: How many weeks pregnant?

For the pregnancy calculation, select the first day of the SAT (your last menstrual period):

Calculating pregnancy

Pregnancy is calculated on the first day of the last menstrual period. Although it is commonly believed that this is the day of intercourse, the correct calculation is made from the date of menstruation. Naturally, expectant parents are very worried during this period and want to know the result immediately. For the most accurate calculation, you should consult a gynecologist.

Detailed calculation of pregnancy using ultrasound

Calculation of pregnancy using ultrasound is used to determine the presence and development of pathologies in the baby. You can also listen to the baby’s heartbeat. A number of measurements are taken during pregnancy. These include the diameter of the head, the length of the thigh, the length from the head to the buttocks, the waist circumference and the length of the humerus.Abdominal circumference (AC)Head circumference (HC)Thigh length (TL)Biparietal length (BPD)

Calculation of pregnancy using beta-hCG

This hormone is known as the pregnancy hormone and starts to rise long before an ultrasound can detect the presence of a baby. A blood test can also be done on days 11-13 of pregnancy. In addition to the blood test, the hormone can also be detected in urine. This also shows levels within certain ranges. The highest levels of hCG in a blood test occur between 8 and 11 weeks of pregnancy. If an intermediate level is found, it is important to repeat the test in the following days to get accurate results.HCG Levels
Hamilelik HaftasıBeta-HCG Değeri
3 Hafta5-50
4 Hafta5-426
5 Hafta18-7340
6 Hafta1080-56500
7-8 Hafta7650-229000
9-12 Hafta25700-288000
13-16 Hafta13300-254000
17-24 Hafta4060-165400
25-40 Hafta3640-165400
Gebe olan kadın>25
Gebe olmayan kadın<5

How many weeks pregnant am I?

Pregnancy is a 40-week adventure. This means that you can consider your pregnancy to be 40 weeks, or 280 days from the first day of your last menstrual period (SAT).If you want to calculate the expected date of birth yourself, you can do this by counting 3 months from the date of your last period and adding 7 days.

How many weeks is pregnancy?

As we have already mentioned, you can calculate the duration of pregnancy as 40 weeks or 280 days. We know that our children may be born earlier. They may want to meet their parents a little earlier. Births between 24 and 37 weeks are considered premature.

What is a trimester?

This is probably one of the words you hear most often during pregnancy. A trimester is a period of 3 months. Since your pregnancy lasts 9 months, you can calculate trimesters by dividing by 3.
  • Trimester Progression of pregnancy by up to one week
  • Progression between weeks 14-27 of pregnancy
  • Trimester 27-40. Pregnancy week

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