Newborn Visit


The addition of a newborn baby to the family excites not only mom and dad but also all family members and relatives. This excitement is most pronounced with the first baby.Friends and relatives who hear about the new addition to the family are preparing for a visit to the hospital or home. Visiting newborns and puerperas is an important culture in our country. Of course we should visit the newborn and the puerperant. But it is very important that these visits are timely and of sufficient duration. Let’s talk a little bit about the sensitive points of this visit. Because this visit will be both during the adaptation process of the newborn baby and the mother will have just given birth and will be very tired.

Take food with you

A pot of soup, a meal that can be thrown in the freezer… In the early days, the newborn baby will take all the energy of the parents and they may not have time to eat. Helping the family in this regard will be invaluable.

Be sure to let them know before you go

This is a very important period for the puerperium. If you are not very close to the family, you can try not to go in the first 40 days. The mother and father will be very tired because they will be adjusting to this period and trying to get the baby settled. Therefore, they will need rest more than ever. In any case, do not forget to inform them before you go.

Wash your hands immediately when you go to visit

It would not be right to touch either the baby or the mother with dirty hands on the road, in the car or on public transportation. Washing your hands has become even more important, especially during the Covid-19 period, which we have been under for a long time. In addition, newborns can get sick quickly because their immune systems are not very strong. Therefore, it is very important to be careful not to kiss them or hold them too much.

Don’t feel like a guest

As I mentioned before, mom and dad will be very tired during this period. Therefore, they may not be able to take care of you as a guest. Please don’t resent your parents for this and even help them a little. For example, serve tea, wash the dishes or hold the towel if they have bathed the baby. Remember that even the smallest help to mom and dad is very valuable during this period

Don’t smoke and don’t wear perfume

You know that the smell of newborn milk fills the whole house. If you do not want to spoil this wonderful smell of milk, please try not to wear perfume and go to visit in clean clothes that you have just worn.

Do not give advice

Mothers and fathers who have experienced the puerperium can give advice to the new mother and father about this period, but remember that every pregnancy and birth is unique. Therefore, respect the mother’s and father’s thoughts and actions and avoid giving advice.

Leave the mother and baby alone during the feeding of the baby

This is very important for mother-baby-father bonding and considering the personal privacy, it is also important that they are alone during this process. The most important process for the baby to get to know his/her parents is breastfeeding.My trainings:

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Stay with love and happiness…