How to Fasten a Diaper?

How to fasten a diaper?

How to fasten a diaper? The question is a question mostly questioned by parents who will be parents for the first time. I have written for you what you should pay attention to when changing diapers.

Expectant mothers and fathers should be prepared for what they need to do before the baby comes into the world, and if they do not know, they should receive training and learn. In other words, it will be very good for you to receive baby care training or birth preparation training during pregnancy. It is very important to have enough information to be a conscious parent after completing all kinds of detailed shopping, from your baby’s nutrition to care needs, from care needs to toys. One of the issues that every parent should know correctly is changing the baby’s diaper. Although it is a subject that you can learn by doing when your baby is born, you may encounter problems such as leakage, irritation, diaper rash and redness when the diaper is attached. This negatively affects your baby’s health.

What you need when changing diapers

      • Bottom opening cover
      • Cream if there is a rash or wound
      • Clean cotton and warm water (do not wipe your baby’s bottom with wet wipes)
      • Baby diaper
      • Toy (to keep him busy during diaper change)

How to fasten a diaper?

After a few experiences, you will be a master at it. I will touch on a few issues that I need to address in bullet points. In these bullets, I aimed to explain how to tie the diaper.

      • Before you start changing your baby’s diaper, make sure you have a changing cloth, diaper, cotton wool, warm water and diaper rash cream if you have diaper rash. You can keep a toy with you to distract the baby while changing the diaper.
      • When everything is ready, spread the diaper cover (this cover prevents feces or urine from contaminating the external environment)
      • Bring the baby’s legs together by holding the ankles and lift them up. Clean the baby’s genital area from front to back with cotton wool moistened with warm water. Do not overlap the diaper here, but switch to a clean diaper. In this way, you will especially protect girls against urinary tract infections. For boys, make sure that the genital folds are completely cleaned.
      • After the cleaning is finished, if there is diaper rash, apply a thin layer of diaper rash cream if there is no diaper rash cream. Make sure that this cream is a product recommended by health institutions and has clean ingredients.
      • When putting on the new diaper, make sure that the diaper reaches the waist and belly. Fold the long parts inwards. Folding inwards, especially at the waist, will reduce the chance of feces getting out. Make sure the diaper is not too tight. See if the baby has restricted movement. Two fingers in the leg area and one finger in the waist area means that your baby is not squeezing. Since newborn babies have an umbilical cord, tie the diaper so that the umbilical cord stays outside.

Pass the front part of the diaper between the baby’s legs and tie the side bands. Here, if the distance between the bands is too much, increase the diaper by one size. Photographic expression ;

Grasp the baby’s ankles and lift it up.
Remove the dirty diaper
wipe the bottom from front to back with a cotton ball moistened with clean warm water.
Place the clean diaper around the waist and pass it between the legs
glue the side tapes. if there is an umbilical cord, glue the tapes so that the umbilical cord stays outside the diaper


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