Childbirth Preparation Training

Childbirth preparation training aims to teach parents to trust themselves and their babies and to learn what they need to do in this process. Birth is a process that requires physical and mental preparation. In the preparation process, your doctor, midwife, internet, magazines, books, families, friends and even everyone who is going through this process or trying to contribute to you with what they have heard… Of course, you may be confused by what you have heard and read from many people or you may want to learn what you will experience because you do not know the process. The training that will help you in this regard is birth preparation training.With childbirth preparation training, you have everything you need to be prepared for your upcoming birth.

Let’s take a look at what these things are;

  • Anatomical structure
  • What is birth
  • What are the stages of birth
  • Interventions to be applied at birth
  • Preference of birth
  • Methods of relaxation at birth
  • Breathing exercises
  • Straining Exercises
  • Hormones
  • Postpartum baby care
  • When should I go to the hospital or how do I know when labor has started
  • Breastfeeding
  • The importance of skin-to-skin contact
  • Pre-birth mother-baby-father interaction
  • How to cooperate with your baby during the birth process
  • What you should pay attention to when choosing a hospital
You will learn.In other words, you will be fully informed about the pregnancy-birth-postpartum process.Thanks to the birth preparation training, expectant mothers and fathers complete the process in a healthy way. You can participate in these trainings from the 20th week of pregnancy . The training program will take place completely at home or online. It is a training that includes both theoretical information and practice using your theoretical knowledge. The main goal is to make the process easier for you by ensuring that you have a more comfortable process with your previous practices in the process that you experience by practicing and then experiencing while learning with birth preparation training. It is recommended that mother and father participate in this training together.
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