I’m Midwife Cansu,I am in a profession that has adorned my dreams since I was little.My priority is always to be with you in the light of science. I am always with you as a midwife who will experience your process with you and have a pleasant time and at the same time share the necessary information and make it easier for you to apply this information and help you become parents without fear of the unknown.After studying engineering for a while, I said no, you should be a midwife, this is what you want and I studied midwifery at Istanbul Kent University. During my university education, I attended many seminars, courses and congresses. I will also share the results of these trainings with you, my valuable readers.I am a person who is in love with her profession, who is constantly researching, pursuing innovative approaches, questioning and sharing what I question here and with my clients. In this direction, I will take care to include literature contributions in my articles I share with you and share these links with you.The first thing you will find in EbeCansu is the literature, I will include many studies that will help you in the light of the experiences I have had and the trainings I have received. I hope it will be an adventure where you will think about yourself and your baby in the light of science, research, learn and apply. Remember, knowledge is power and miracles may need help too. https://ebecansu.com/Stay with love and happiness…Ms. Cansu ŞAHİNMidwife, Lactation Consultant, Childbirth Preparation Instructor, Pregnant Yoga Instructor